The Lovelace Lottery is currently paused as we are making some changes to the structure of the system. We apologize for any inconvenience and please check back for updates soon

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Smart Contract Enabled On-Chain Lottery System

Round 27

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Match the winning number in the same order to share prizes.
Match First 1
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Match First 3
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Match First 4
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Match First 5
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Match All 6
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22 Mar 2024

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How it works?

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    Once the round’s over, come back to the page and check to see if you’ve won!

Winning Criteria

digits on your ticket must match in the correct order, from the left, to win.

See an example lottery draw with two ticket-scenarios, A & B

Ticket A: The first 3 digits match the winning number, and the last 2 digits match the winning number, but the 4th digit does not match, so this ticket wins a "match first 3" prize.

Ticket B: Even though the last 5 digits are a match, the first digit does not match, so this is not a winning ticket.

Prize brackets do not stack: So example- the first 3 digits on your ticket are a match - you win the prize from "match 3", but not "match 1" and "match 2".

Valid Matching from Left

Matching failed from Left

Not A Match

  • 7
  • 2
  • 4
  • 1
  • 0
  • 3

Lottery Pool Allocation

In each lottery round, the prize pool for every bracket constitutes a portion of the overall ₳ ADA

80% of the lottery pool is allocated for prize winners, with the following prize breakdown

10% of the lottery pool is automatically allocated to the following week's pool as lottery rake.

6% of the lottery pool will be automatically distributed in airdrop form to holders of Lovelace NFTs whenever a round ends. The more NFTs you hold, the bigger your share of the prize.

3% of the lottery pool goes to the Anvil team, who are the lottery developers.

1% of the lottery pool goes to the Lovelace team.

Digits Matched

Prize Pool Allocation

Matches First 1


Matches First 2


Matches First 3


Matches First 4


Matches First 5


Matches All 6


Lottery Pool+NFT Holders+Team


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Ticket Price


Which wallets can I use to mint lottery tickets with?

Eternl, Nami, Typhon, Flint, Yoroi, etc

Where can I mint lottery tickets?

How do I find my lottery ticket number

Your ticket number can be found in the metadata under the "allotted number" section

How frequent are the draws?

Every 3 weeks

What do I do with old tickets?

Once you've accumulated 20 or more lottery tickets you can burn them for 1 free lottery ticket

Are the winnings airdropped or do I need to claim?

The winnings are airdropped to your wallet in 74hrs after the lottery is drawn

I'm a Golden Ticket holder - how do I get my free ticket(s) ?

You can mint up to 3 free lottery tickets for each round, per Golden Ticket held in your wallet at the time of the wallet snapshot just prior to each round going live. Mint here:

How winning number is decided?

Through VRF Output and Slot Leader.

Verifiable Random Function (VRF) is used to choose a random validator every epoch. When a Ouroboros epoch is under way, each validating node (staking pool or solo validator) generates a random hash using the private part of the VRF key. The VRF then outputs a random number along with a proof. Each node then keeps this generated number secret until the epoch finishes. Once the epoch is through, everyone exchanges their generated numbers with each other. This forms a list of random numbers. During the next epoch each staking pool checks the random number against their own secret key. If the number matches its own, the node then generates and broadcasts a block.

This way, no one knows which node is chosen to produce a block. Slot leader is nothing but the hash of the selected stake pool which produces the block.

We leverage this on chain randomness to obtain this number from the slot leader (stake pool) and VRF output of the block right next to the current block which contains the transaction for this Winning Number NFT. The winning number is selected by taking the first digit of slot leader hash + first 5 numbers from the VRF output hash in a left to right manner.